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Solid Waste Management



  • Received Lakbay Aral visitors for ESWMP from different sectors (LGU’s, Academe, Health, NGO’s and etc.)

  • National entry for Zero Basura Olympics 2008;


  • The Municipality purchased one (1) unit Biodegradable Shredder machine amounting to One Hundred Fifty Thousand Pesos (150,000.00).  This machine could shred biodegradable waste such as nipa shingles, fish bones, banana stalks and more. 


  • The Municipality purchased one (1) unit of Residual Pulverizer machine worth two hundred seventy two thousand pesos (Php 272,000.00).  This machine could pulverize residual waste of two sacks (cellophanes, candy and biscuit wrappers, straw, foils, shampoo sachets, and detergent bar wrappers) in one hour. The municipality also purchased one unit of Hollow block Maker and Mixer amounting to Two Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Pesos (P228,000.00) where the pulverized residual wastes are used as ingredients in the making of hollow blocks;


  • The ESWM Task Force issued Citation Tickets to different violators where some of them have paid their fines/penalties and they are required to sign affidavit of undertaking;


  • Distributed ESWM ID to the head of households/establishments of the municipality which said ID is a pre-requisite to any transaction in the different offices of the Local Government Unit;


  • Harvesting of soil conditioner derived from the composting of biodegradable wastes already commenced in fact there are lot of farmers buys the products;


  • Awarded the “AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” to the 2008 and 2009 Gawad ng Probinsya sa Kapaligiran Program, Category A-1st 3rd Class Municipalities.


The ECOLOGICAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM of the Municipality of Hinatuan is a landmark project in its Executive Agenda for 2007.  It provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to provide solution to the perennial garbage problem.  The scheme aims to improve the solid waste management system of Hinatuan to protect the health of the constituents, to heal and preserve the ailing environment and to have an appropriate and sustainable ecological solid waste management program.

The plan was drawn in compliance and in accordance with the provisions of RA 9003 also known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.